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FAQ of Pinions

YYC Pinion FAQ


1. What is YYC?

YYC is the leading brand of high precision rack and pinion in Asia Market with 40 years experiences. Web:

2. How to choose suitable pinions?

Refer to our e-catalogue as link on

E-mail us your demands to

3. Can YYC customize pinions?

Customized pinions are available based on drawings. Meanwhile, MOQ is also required.

4. What are pinions quality grade levels?

YYC pinions include DIN 6 to DIN 10.

5. What are the biggest/smallest pinions YYC can make?

YYC pinions can be from M0.5 to M20.

6. Do YYC pinions have different dimensions like CP, DP for different countries?

YYC pinions majorly are modules, but we can also make CP, DP for Japan, America, and other countries.

7. Should we choose straight pinions or helical pinions?

Straight pinions is more economic but helical pinions are more smooth, accurate, and less noise.

8. How could we make sure racks and pinions match together well?

Basically, straight racks match straight pinions. Helical Right hand angle (19°31’42”) racks match left hand angle pinions. Both have to be the same module.

9. Should we choose pinions with hardness?

Without hardness, pinion is soft which is more economic.

After hardening, HRC is 50°~55°. Pinions will have better long life to against worn-out. Pinions hardness can be high frequency or carburized, depending on customer’s request.

10. Could we use other materials?

YYC offers different materials for racks and pinions such as S45C, SCM440, SCM415, SUS 303, plastic, copper, aluminum etc. 

11. How long is YYC delivery?

YYC pinions are made to order. It depends on quality level and Q’ty. Basically, from 2 to 8 weeks.

12. How to pay?

T/T remittance, L/C, PayPal.

13. What are the terms of trade?

EXW, FOB, CIF etc.

14. Do you provide samples?

Samples are available at Buyer’s cost.