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YYC Rack Code Instruction

YYC Rack Code Instruction

YYC Rack Code Instruction

YYC can make all kinds of racks including standards and customized racks. 

In our standards which includes two major rack systems in the world. One is mainly for DIN and the other is for JIS specifications.  (AGMA system is coming soon) The code instruction is divided into materials, types, shapes, heat treatments, hardness, modules, CP, lengths, and grade.

Material: S50C (medium carbon steel) and SCM440 (chromium molybdenum alloy steel)

Type: Straight and Helical with 19°31'42", 20°30', 15°. 
Shape: Tetragon 
Teeth Treatment: Milled, Ground. 
Hardness: Quenched & Tempered and Hardened. 
Module: from M1 to M10. 
CP: from CP5 to CP20 
Length: there are 4 major ones. 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, and 2000mm. 
Grade: DIN 5 to DIN9 / JIS 1 to JIS 5

Remarks: Lengths, holes,materials,surface treaments (sandblasted, phosphated, sides ground) and other requirements all could be customized.