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YYC(Yuan Yi Chang) Machinery Co, Ltd

Yuan Yi Chang (YYC)
was established at Taichung, Taiwan, in 1980. It started with precision rack and has been devoted to the machinery industry for nearly 40 years. And for a long time, it has been the highest market share and leading brand in Taiwan.

YYC expanded its plant and production base in 2012, integrating transmission products and becoming a supplier of medium and high-end transmission parts.

Now YYC products include: racks, pinion, guideway racks, roller bearings, planetary reducers and backlash free reducers, with excellent quality and stability, to meet domestic and international market demand.

In accordance with international standard specifications, YYC uses the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), as well as ISO 9001 quality certification. YYC, the leading brand of precision racks in Asia, its transmission series products have been exported to nearly 50 countries.

YYC was awarded by 12th the National Brand YUSHAN Award, Best Entrepreneur, in 2015. And “YYC Ultra High Precision Rack and Pinion” was awarded by 13th the National Brand YUSHAN Award, Best Product and Golden Torque Awards for the Top Ten Products of the Year in 2016.

In the era of Industry 4.0, Yuan Yi Chang (YYC) and the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs introduced the production plan "Development of Precision Rack Positioning Processing and Forecasting Manufacturing Management System"and was nominated for the 13th "Innovative Products for Research and Development" of the 2017 Machine Tool.

To optimize the manufacturing process is always the goal of our company. Therefore, in 2018, we introduced European high-tech laser heat treatment equipment, using the machine's efficient and precise heat treatment process to improve the quality stability of the rack again. We are the second brand in the world to introduce this technology.

The global automation is getting fully developed. Manpower being replaced by machine is an inevitable trend. YYC provides you with the most suitable combination of positioning components in the transmission series!


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