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YYC(Yuan Yi Chang) Machinery Co, Ltd


YYCYou Drive, You Control 
YYC is one of the world leading brands in transmission industry. YYC produces Rack and Pinion, Planetary Reducer, Servo Worm Gearbox and Backlash Free Reducer. Every part You drive with outstanding quality, You Control the performance as expected.                                 

Our major clients include all kind of machine builders such as CNC machines, wood-cutting machines, printing machines, grinding machines, bending machines, robotic arms, ATV, aircraft carrier, cranes, 7th axis application in Industry 4.0 and so on.  

After 40 years continuing efforts on developing technology; today we are proud of offering a combination products for our customers. Which consist of Planetary Reducer, Rack, Pinion and so forth. This assists customers sourcing efficiently.

You come to YYC, you got all you need.

◆By high productivity and well cost management, our prices are fair and competitive.

◆High customized capability to serve customers.
◆Produces biggest quantity in M2 helical ground rack in the world.
◆High efficient Sales Team ensures on time response.
◆Easy to cooperate with, and less business barrier.

YYC is your reliable and smart partner, bring success together!




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